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Sending e-mail from different mail service API is a painful task because they use their own payload structure which is different according to the e-mail service provider. In this situation, the API mailer package for Laravel will give a clean syntax generalize payload structure for sending e-mail from a different e-mail service provider like SendGrid, Mailgun etc. Let's explore the API mailer package.

GitHub repository:



composer require haruncpi/laravel-api-mailer



Now publish the api-mailer.php configuration file to your project config directory by following this command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Haruncpi\LaravelApiMailer\ApiMailerServiceProvider" --tag="config"


.env file configarations

Currently, API mailer supports SendGrid and Mailgun. The default driver is mailgunYou can change it by putting APIMAILER_DEFAULT into .env file. There are env file entities you can configure.






Single e-mail

$payload = ['to' => '', 'subject' => 'Hello Friend', 'body' => 'How are you'];
$response = apiMailer()->send($payload);


Multiple e-mails

$receivers = ['','', ...]
$payload = ['to' => $receivers, 'subject' => 'Hello Friends', 'body' => 'Your HTML body'];
$response = apiMailer()->send($payload);


You can use ApiMailer facade

use Haruncpi\LaravelApiMailer\Facades\ApiMailer;

$response = ApiMailer::send($payload);


Response format

  success: true,
  message: "successfully send"

  success: false,
  message: "reason for failure"


Hope the Laravel API mailer package will help you to send e-mail using different e-mail services with simple & clean generalize syntax. If you find this package helpful then support it on GitHub API mailer repository and don't forget to share it with others.

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